Webinars & Workshops

Corporate seminars

Our webinar aims to educate the audience on the art and science of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by incorporating time-efficient exercise methods, well-balanced nutrition and mindfulness in day to day life.

The theme of the seminar can be customised depending on the requirements of your employees. And our team would love to join you in brainstorming sessions and formulate a unique experience for your esteemed brand.

Our sessions primarily include a short burst workout session, followed by a talk on nutrition. Lastly, we end the session with informative games and quiz for the employees. This helps us test the effectiveness of the session. And is helpful for the HR/Admin to gauge the success of the session.

Train the Trainer workshops

Train the Trainer workshops are for working fitness professionals who want to level up their knowledge on the latest developments in the training, nutrition and supplements industry. The workshops are conducted online on weekends.

Apart from our coaches' independent workshops, we can customise continued education workshops for gyms.

  1. To help their trainers stay updated with the latest methods in fitness assessments for clients
  2. Writing personalised workout programs
  3. Planning well-balanced nutrition plans
  4. Dealing with particular clients

Pricing for a 90 Minutes Webinar 10,000/- INR excluding taxes