One Time Fitness Consultation


If you're new to exercising or need guidance on your fitness routine, we highly recommend seeking a fitness consultation. This is also a great option for gaining clarity on coaching program expectations and requirements.


  1. A fee of Rs.2000/- needs to be paid in advance.
  2. Upon receiving payment, you will get a call to discuss the location and time selection for the meeting.
  3. Be ready with the questions and carry a book to note down whatever is discussed for your learning and education.


  1. The meeting is 60 minutes, and the call is conducted over Zoom/Google meet. Additionally, an in-person meeting for the same duration can be arranged for clients based in Mumbai, India.
  2. Training, Nutrition and Supplementation related questions will be answered during the meeting, but no formal plans are shared on paper.

Pricing for One Time Consultation is 2,000/- INR

For customized quote please get in touch with us!