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Online Training is a format of coaching people for fitness goals without being physically present with them at the gym. This format provides flexibility to the client since he/she can train whenever they wish to without any commitment of days and time to their personal trainer. Our format allows you to get access to the coach via the Muscle Layman mobile app, Facetime and E-mail for evaluation and doubts answering. It’s a highly cost-effective way of coaching for people who have some experience with training on the gym floor.
  1. You will never feel “alone” or “helpless” in this process. In today’s world, listening is considered as an art. It requires work, self-discipline, and skill. We listen to you and provide complete handholding in the first phase of working together with 100% full time access to your coach via the Muscle Layman app.
  2. Unlimited messaging access for 24-7 accountability and support.
  3. Personalized training plans supported with exercise videos, works best even during work travel across cities or holidaying in your favorite country.
  4. Tailored nutrition to get you ready in time for family and social events. Adjustments are provided whenever needed as per situation that comes up like fasting days, specific festival days, travelling and vacations.
I have been a Personal Training & Nutrition coach in Mumbai, India for the last few years and successfully managed to deliver results that the clients expected from me. But I always knew there were many clients out there paying thousands of rupees in personal training and consultations but not getting anything in return except disappointment. This was the trigger that got me to move into the Online Coaching space and thankfully the gift of Internet helps me get access to people across the world who are in search of genuine and practical fitness advice that’s applicable and result oriented.

My reason to be here and share my story with you is because I have actually seen both sides of the coin, living a corporate life v/s living a fitness professional’s life. I have self-experienced the benefits of achieving high levels of fitness and seen how it helps me function physically, mentally and spiritually. A quote from Socrates, the great philosopher summarizes my passion for fitness and explains why I gave up my career in marketing and started pursuing my passion for teaching about health & fitness.

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    1. Screening call – This process is getting to know each other as we discuss lifestyle history, medical problems, expectations from the coaching process, fitness goals, experience with training and other nutrition strategies
    2. Data collection – Lifestyle questionnaire to get an in-depth look on your training, nutrition and sleeping habits. We also review food pictures and training style for a week. Blood work review may be required depending on our screening call.
    3. Planning – SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) Goal analysis and mutual agreement on top priority for each phase of the process. Decide on “The One Thing” that’s the top priority for each month of the program and finalize the plan of action.
    4. Getting on the Mobile App – The final Training and Nutrition plan is uploaded on our digital platform and a link is sent to your e-mail account to install our mobile app (available on iOS and Android) The training plan is completely supported with exercise technique videos so you don’t have to worry about implementation.
    5. Exercise technique and doubts – Shoot your exercise videos on the phone and send it via WhatsApp for technique review and keep sharing your doubts for us to answer.
    6. Weekly check-ins – Fill in your plan adherence on a simple word and excel file for review. Weekly progress pictures and measurements are regularly uploaded on the app and there will be automated reminders for everything on the app.
    7. Results and Growth – Results are guaranteed once we stick to a process, however the magnitude of the results may vary from client to client as we all have our individual genetic differences.
    8. Pay off – The process coaches you everything about training, nutrition and recovery thereby helping you achieve a strong and aesthetically pleasing physique that not just looks good but also performs well.

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