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Are you ready to cheat your mind, to build your greatest body?

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Muscle layman

Muscle Layman was born to separate the non from sense. And to simplify the art and science of words like fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.

We’re a team of coaches who are constantly evolving using our education, understanding and experience. To devise newer and timely proven methods. So you can cut the slack and win the war in your mind against all things that have stopped you from achieving your goals.

Our sole aim is to build a community through which we can inspire greater strength, performance, confidence and self belief in clients like you. So that you eventually build your ideal physique and mind to transform yourself while also supporting others to build theirs.

Love & Respect,
Team Muscle Layman

About Muscle Layman Fitness Training

Ready To Change Your Physique, But Can't Work Out?

About the Coach

Pankaj N

founder and head coach

"I am fascinated and motivated by the potential of right training and nutrition on the human body and believe we all should make an effort to work towards that potential. The better we move, the better we feel. And the better we feel, the better we perform in our personal and professional lives. Physical fitness doesn’t start and end in the gym, it also builds mental toughness and taps into every aspect of your life." – Pankaj Narsian

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About Pankaj Narsian at Muscle Layman Fitness

Tribe Training​

Tribe Training is delivered to you online, on an easily accessible platform.⁠​

Layman Nutrition Plan

Personalized nutrition plan with complete break down of nutrients and calories.

DIY Lifestyle Consultation

DIY Lifestyle Consult is an online coaching service where you take the lead.

Webinars & Workshops

Reach out to us for seminars on health, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.

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