About Muscle Layman

Muscle Layman was born to separate the non from sense. And to simplify the art and science of words like fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset.
We’re a team of coaches who are constantly evolving using our education, understanding and experience. To devise newer and timely proven methods. So you can cut the slack and win the war in your mind against all things that have stopped you from achieving your goals.
Our sole aim is to build a community through which we can inspire greater strength, performance, confidence and self belief in clients like you. So that you eventually build your ideal physique and mind to transform yourself while also supporting others to build theirs.

Love & Respect,
Team Muscle Layman


Training System

A combination of strength, conditioning and flexibility training methods to help you look, feel, and move better in your everyday life. ⁠Strength is the foundation of physical fitness and taps into every aspect of your life. To reach higher levels of endurance, skill, power, and movement requires strength. ⁠


ML listens to your specific needs and aspirations, understanding what’s important to you and why, and work together to design a training program based on your individual goals and lifestyle. ⁠ ⁠
Online coaching is delivered on a premium, easily accessible platform. We equip our members with all the tools, accountability, and ongoing support they need to completely transform their bodies and their lives. ⁠We listen and connect with you to provide complete handholding while working together. You get 100% access to your coach via for accountability and support.

On-going Support

Training and nutrition tweaks with complete support whether you’re present in your hometown or travelling across cities while working or on vacations. Timely adjustments provided whenever needed as per situations like fasting days, festive periods or menstrual weeks.
ML is here to help you achieve peak performance by keeping physical activity and good nutrition on the front line. Encouraging you to make fitness a top priority in your life.
We teach the concept of fitness by using layman language to educate our clients. We coach you using the most scientific training & nutrition strategies, coupled with data driven feedback to achieve your goals.

Mission statement

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