Terms and Conditions

Personal Training Online/Offline

#1 PT Term Validity

  • 1 month PT – 30 + 7 days grace period for 12 sessions
  • Quarterly PT – 90 + 20 days grace period for 36 sessions
  • (The term days are effective from the day of the 1st training session)

#2 Cancellations

If a client informs us 12 hours prior, then up to 2 cancellations are allowed at no charge. The client is eligible for compensatory sessions as per the trainer’s availability. Last-minute cancellations are charged at 100% of the session value. And in such cases, the client is not eligible for compensatory sessions. However, kindly discuss your individual case with the trainer.

#3 Term Extension 

Extension beyond the original term period is only considered in case of medical reasons. The client will have to bear an additional charge of 50% at gross invoice value. The sessions need to be completed within 30 days from the restarting date.

#4 Refund

No refunds will be given after the commencement of the first training session. If the coach cannot complete the sessions, a replacement will be provided for the remaining sessions. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any refund requests.

#5 Gym Freelancer fee for Offline Training

To be borne by the client

Online Fitness Coaching

#1 Scope of Work

Muscle Layman agrees to provide online fitness coaching services, including personalised training and nutrition coaching, weekly accountability and education calls. Your personalised coaching plan outlines the duration and frequency of coaching sessions.

#2 Extension or Freezing Policy

Coaching term extensions or freezing are generally not allowed. However, exceptions for exceptional circumstances, such as medical issues or unforeseen life events, may be considered. Contact us to discuss your situation.

#3 Refund Policy

Refunds will generally not be issued once the fee is paid and coaching plans have been shared with the client. Exceptions may be considered for extreme situations or circumstances beyond the client’s control. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any refund requests.

#4 Client Responsibilities

Clients are responsible for actively participating in coaching sessions, following recommended fitness and nutrition plans, and promptly communicating about progress and challenges.

#5 Termination of Services

Muscle Layman reserves the right to terminate the coaching relationship for reasons such as non-payment or inappropriate behaviour.

#6 Intellectual Property

All materials, workouts, and resources provided during coaching sessions are the intellectual property of Muscle Layman. Clients are prohibited from sharing, reproducing, or distributing these materials without prior consent.

#7 Liability and Disclaimer

Muscle Layman is not a licensed medical professional. Clients are strongly advised to consult their healthcare providers before starting any fitness program. Clients assume all risks associated with participating in fitness activities recommended by Muscle Layman.

#8 Changes to Terms and Conditions

Muscle Layman may update these terms and conditions with notice to clients. The client will be informed via the registered email address. Clients will have three (3) days to review and accept the updated terms before they become effective.

#9 Client Agreement

By signing up for our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

#10 Shipping and Delivery

We are service providers and none of our coaches sell any products that require a physical shipping and delivery of goods. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any further.