Layman Nutrition Coaching


The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs. But rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition - Thomas Edison.


Meeting with the head coach to understand your goals, mindset and commitment level. Followed by a detailed discussion into your lifestyle such as current food habits, sleep, health history and stress levels. Lastly we look into the current body composition via InBody analysis reports, measurements and photographs to identify the start points and plan your lifestyle change journey.


  1. Set and Flexible meal plans
  2. Quantified (Detailed) Nutrition Plan showing protein, carbohydrate and fat split
  3. Calorie break up for detailed tracking
  4. 20 Get-Started meal prep recipes
  5. Coaching session on “How to track calories/macros”
  6. Real Time feedback on food logs
  7. Progress Journey mapping
  8. Weekly check-ins via Video call or WhatsApp.

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