Aashna Seth


I am a marketing professional with a keen interest in beauty and fashion. Weight loss was a struggle along with a plethora of health complications such as GERD, PCOS, Acidity and Low blood pressure.

What is ideal for me was a constant struggle and the information overload on the Internet added to facilitate confusion.

He started educating me about nutrition and explained why protein, carbohydrates and fat make a healthy diet in varying amounts. I was never conscious about taking in sufficient fiber leading to health concerns but now I know why and what to eat.

I ate everything remembering nutrient timings with specific substitutions and portion control. He personalized a training and meal plan to suit my needs unlike a cookie cutter approach used by several other professionals.

If you are still reading this and debating whether to consult Pankaj, then park your doubts aside. I’ve never met a health and fitness coach so knowledgeable and truly supportive. His online plans are lifestyle based unlike many nutritionists that give it a miss!


Aashna Seth

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