Sushil Pandey

I belong to a traditional business family of Nepal and have been curious about training and nutrition from a young age. The issue of unhealthy weight gain and high triglycerides in my lipid profile, remained all throughout adulthood. Thanks to the half knowledge on training and nutrition, I assumed to know it all.

We discussed the plan of action over many video calls, and then finally decided to give it all. I’ve been surprised by the technical nitty gritty of Pankaj and the simplicity with which he helped me achieve my goals. We decided to go with a calorie cycling protocol and I ended up losing almost 18 kgs in a matter of 12 weeks.

He was present most of the time to answer my doubts and went the extra mile to stay in touch via WhatsApp messaging and video calls. He took utmost care in ensuring I felt free to discuss anything that limited me from achieving what I want.

I would definitely recommend training with Pankaj to all those who are looking for an online trainer. He’s a coach with a very unlikely friendly attitude towards his clients.