Aditi Gurung

Aditi Gurung - Best Fitness Trainer

Education:Masters in Pediatric Nursing, K11 personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition L1

Experience:4 yrs as of 2021

Aditi Gurung

Co-Founder and Head Coach at Muscle Layman, Assistant Professor at Pokhara University


Aditi has a passion for helping others reach their goals. As a former Nursing lecturer, member of the Nepal Bodybuilding Association, current fitness coach, and nutrition coach, she has attacked her own personal nutrition over the years from a number of angles.

Using the information she has gained from her own struggles and successes, combined with her continued thirst for knowledge on how our bodies are fuelled, she has helped numerous clients reach their body composition goals and create a healthy relationship with food. Figuring out what methodology works for each person and then implementing a personalised plan to fit their lifestyle is her specialty.