Pankaj Narsian

About Pankaj Narsian at Muscle Layman Fitness

Education:CSCS (NSCA), PES (NASM), PN L1

Experience:10 years as of 2022

Pankaj Narsian

Founder & Head Coach at Muscle Layman. INFS Faculty member


Why I created the Muscle Layman platform for you.

My name is Pankaj but mom calls me Panku. Born in a Sindhi papad house meant eating a lot of tasty food, rich in carbs and fat. I was a lazy kid through school, then college and wasn’t active in sports either. I completed college and landed a job in experiential marketing aka events/activation.

The lifestyle back then was nothing like a fitness professional in the future. Not realising that it was going to take a toll someday. I weighed 90 kgs at my peak in 2012 with 38% body fat. Yeah medical geeks call it obese category grade 2. Adding to that lethargy, lack of focus, indigestion, acidity & bronchitis among other benefits.

I enjoyed hitting the gym and never took a complete break. But like some people say, no matter how much you train, you can’t undo a bad diet. Stress level and stress eating were high and I found solace in training at the gym. An outlet to find some peace and relief from all the chaos in life. By then the interest in training started to grow since I finally found something that I was getting good at.

I took charge of my health and enrolled into a personal training program while still in my marketing job. I was getting fascinated with the science of training and nutrition. I read articles, magazines, books, anything that helped me increase my knowledge. I was getting recognised as the go-to guy for fitness, in my close circle of friends and colleagues.

I experimented with whatever I learnt, be it training routines or nutrition programs. I did a powerlifting program for 1 year, been on a ketogenic diet for 6 months. Done endless hypertrophy (muscle gain) blocks, long distance cardio runs. Calisthenics, high protein diets, salads for dinner, and meat for breakfast. I also did PEDs for 3 years aka synthetic AAS (Anabolic Androgenic steroids).

I wasn’t fortunate to find a good coach in my initial years. Because if I did, it would have saved me so many years of trial and error. But all the education, experiences, failures & learnings make me a better coach today. You name it and I’ve tried it, studied it and learnt from it.

This is why we started Muscle Layman to offer personalised fitness and nutrition solutions by taking into account your lifestyle, work environment, age, gender and stress levels, among many other things.

I prefer sustainability over doing something for a few months. And then going back to previous habits that led you to find us. I do not suggest anything to clients that is not supported by science.

As an online trainer and nutrition coach, I am not biased towards any approach. And will suggest whatever is best keeping the clients interest and safety in mind. I have devoted my life to studying, researching and finding the best methods, to help my clients achieve their goals.

Love & Peace,