Tribe Training


Not connected by blood but rather by energy. Those who are there for you through the good and the bad. Those who are patient, and those who are supportive of you and your goals.

Tribe training is for individuals who believe in the spirit of community. And are willing to step ahead to learn and grow along with the tribe.


Tribe training is conducted via Zoom or other similar platforms. The process starts with an initial movement screening, work capacity and flexibility test. Then we put you through 6 one to one sessions to educate you on the basic movements and the makeup of our sessions. And finally the coach tags with the right tribe that suits your goals and lifestyle.


  1. Five Training sessions/week from Monday to Friday
  2. 60 minutes session by a senior coach
  3. Plan includes mobility work, strength, met con and cool-down stretches
  4. Each tribe consists of 2 to 4 members and a coach
  5. Real Time feedback on food logs
  6. WhatsApp community group to learn and grow
  7. 4 weeks mentorship for lifestyle planning with a current Muscle Layman client
  8. Twice a month reviews via Zoom call

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