Ankita Gala

I work as an interior designer in Mumbai. It’s a conscious choice to live healthy and eat well because it helps me keep a balance in all other areas of my life. I began my training journey with Pankaj in 2016 when I needed work with someone technically qualified to help me overcome my lower back limitations.

I would refrain from performing technical exercises such as squats and dead lifts prior to training with him but the belief system changed after he explained and guided me through the execution of a correct setup and well stabilized structure.

I have improved my ability to handle challenging weights without causing any harm to my joints unlike in the past. He ensures that you initiate movements with complete range of motion and required time under tension.

His ability to educate and explain the concepts pertaining to the exercises in detail improved my confidence to walk alone on the gym floor and reply back to trolls if needed. If you’re still contemplating to train with Pankaj, then don’t have a second thought.

“Just Start”

Ankita Gala