Dr. Pranalli Paarekh

I am a practicing physiotherapist in Mumbai with a keen interest in fashion.

Talking about my journey, I have been to several gyms and worked with several personal trainers with no success due to lack of interest and lethargy from my side. I’ve struggled with consistency whether it was training or nutrition.

But it was an alarming moment when after seeing snapshots of a wedding attended last year. I decided to take action but getting the correct guidance is a challenge in the present world.

I met Pankaj at a gym in the vicinity. He shared his advice and strategies during casual conversations, but it made sense to me. So, I decided to start with nutrition coaching to understand its technical side. He shared a full-fledged and detailed plan on nutrition and my training routine.

The nutrition coaching experience showed positive outcome and I decided to take enhance my results further by enrolling myself for personal training with him.

The person who lacked interest in training on the gym floor began to change. I began to enjoy my training sessions with him. He planned the sessions to leverage my strengths and improve my weaknesses too.

He divided my journey into phases and suggested calorie cycling every 3 weeks. Protein remained constant throughout phases with changes in my carbohydrate and fat intake

My greatest achievement till date are, strength gains, improved mental health and better sleep quality. And these changes have added to my confidence in daily life situations.

Always believe in your goals and adhere to the process.