Hriday Thakkar

I have struggled with a heavier than required body weight during adulthood due to my lifestyle choices. Soon I realized this isn’t healthy, so tried to lose the excess body weight by suppressing appetite using crash diet methods.

Many others like me have resorted to the same and it helped in bringing down the body weight to a satisfactory level but not complimenting a balanced nutrition and right training program caused an imbalance in muscle to fat ratio.

I struggled back then to find a coach ideal for my goals and apprehensive in working with anyone because of my unpleasant experiences in the past. But after my initial chat with Pankaj we discussed the layout of our training and progression, it felt right to begin.

We began from the basics of posture correction for the exercise, stabilizing well in the position before initiation. We focused on the right way to execute exercises and my ROM was getting better making me stronger each day.

I am enjoying my strength gains on the gym floor and credit that to the coach’s patience on spending time and perfecting my basics. If one is debating whether to work with Pankaj, then keep aside your doubts and definitely start working with him.