Jayita Phulsunge

I work with the Canadian embassy and must say that the job doesn’t end in the office. Many times, I carried it home compromising on my personal time for exercise and cooking healthy meals.

I was battling with health concerns which led to severe complications. Switching my lifestyle overnight was difficult but with some planning and additional push from the family it started coming together.

I decided to take the plunge in May 2019. At the beginning, I felt exhausted to exercise after work and struggled to push through it. But with the presence of a fine support group and a mentor, the journey seemed possible to cover.

Pankaj is very positive and coaches each person in a very meticulous method depending on their goals and health history. He listens to you without being judgemental so anyone can have an honest chat.

He breaks down the problem with you to help you discover your limitations and find solutions for it. I am seeing improvement in my mental and physical health since I started working with him.

I feel confident and open to challenge my potential in physical fitness. If you are reading this today and still thinking, there should be no second thought! You rarely come across someone knowledgeable but yet humble and empathetic to people.

Just do it!