Payal Shah

I am a business owner. Grew up in Hong Kong but India is second home to me. While growing up I feasted on Indian food, and still do it at times. The only difference between then and now is lesser body fat, months of consistent training and mindful eating.

I wanted to feel more energetic, confident and happy, therefore I started training. I have been an avid runner and treadmill was my preferred machine in the gym. But despite running long distances on the treadmill, I still struggled with stubborn fat areas due to lack of understanding on right training and nutrition.

So, when I met Pankaj in Mumbai, at a gym. He shared his views on training, nutrition and supplements and it made total sense to me. He laid down the plan and we began training to get a head start in my body transformation.

We still retained cardio but now it wasn’t the only activity I did. I learned to mix and practice strength training with right techniques. I trained a minimum of 5 days a week with weights and 20 – 25 minutes steady state cardio towards the end of session. Nutrition was always vegetarian food. But later that year, I turned Vegan but still maintaining adequate protein to support the training demands.

If you are still thinking, then you have to work with Pankaj since he’s great at what he does. But to achieve your goals, you need to control the environment around you which only comes with planning ahead of time.

Payal Shah – Business Owner
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