Ramita Pradeep

I am a student studying in Ohio, USA. I had a back problem in the early years of adulthood which lasted 7 years. Due to this, I struggled in common physical activities and was also under treatment for hypersomnia.

I wanted to become physically fit to improve my productivity and have a better mindset. But doctors and physiotherapist had warned me against any physical activity due to my health condition.

I met Pankaj at a gym and things clicked instantly after he had a meeting with my father. We had a trial training session and soon things began to change since he is a coach who knows what he’s doing. His passion is visible in his coaching style and has an eye for detail.

I was happy to achieve a reasonable amount of weight drop in a span of 2 months. Apart from being able to hold myself in a plank for more than a minute, I have been able to hold a more positive attitude and mindset toward life situations. Getting my sleep pattern right, eating healthy and being more disciplined overall has helped.

If you are still thinking about starting with Pankaj, let me tell you he is friendly, professional and a great mentor to work with and learn from. The results of his work show his efforts towards clients and he makes sure they stay motivated and do things the right way.