Shweta Divekar

I am a working professional in risk advisory and consulting firm with regular travel schedules within different parts of the country. The hectic lifestyle and erratic working hours started taking a toll on me. It reached a stage wherein walking up 2 floors of a building seemed impossible without panting.

When I decided to taking action and start training in September 2019. At first, I was apprehensive about losing weight, staying consistent with my efforts.

But the experience turned out pleasant since Pankaj ensured the session always had a fun element. His proactive planning and sense of when to pullback kept training interesting and injury free.

I have never been a fitness person ever so the improvement is consistency and increment in regularity was surprising. The coaching cues and techniques used to get the correct posture are impressive.

I would refrain from strength training in the past due to fear of back injuries. But now it’s a favorite. On the achievement side, excited to have dead lifted 70 kg for repetitions plus improved stamina.

I have started fitting into all of my old clothes easily and I see a much fitter version of myself now.

I would recommend training with Pankaj N to all of the individuals who are looking for a coach. He observes, listens and understands your current state of mind, to tweak the workouts accordingly. The technical knowledge is remarkable.