Shyamsaloni R.

Shyamsaloni Rawal

I started training with the sole agenda of gaining strength and working onto a decent endurance level. From day 0, with a thorough examination and detailing, his methodology is organised and consistent.

What is astonishing about the whole process, is instead of rushing into multiple overwhelming things at once, he ensured the foundation of my training was laid strong by giving ample time to SSI (Set-up, Stance and then Initiation)

Each week based on my performance & nutrition; he would improvise the training strategy. He always motivated me on whatever I perceived as impossible.

Be it personal training or online coaching with him, he immerses himself towards a client’s growth cycle. Impeccable knowledge on the training program and I am a testimonial of it.
I saw major improvements in 4 weeks of training with him than I did elsewhere in 6 months.

He’s the only professional I’ve met that pushes for extra time. I would recommend him to everyone wanting to train in the best possible manner and desiring actual results.

Shyamsaloni R.