A Comedic Guide to Surviving Through Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

New Year Resolutions written by people

Let’s raise a toast to all the fitness newbies because it’s that time of year again! New Year’s resolutions have hit harder than a dropped dumbbell, and gyms are suddenly busier than the Bengaluru Highway. Before you dive headfirst into a 6-pack-in-two-weeks challenge fueled by nothing but celery juice and existential dread, let’s take a hilarious (and slightly sweaty) step back. 

In this comedic guide, we’ll navigate people’s common missteps, from extreme diets to over-the-top workout challenges, and find a way to turn those resolutions into sustainable, enjoyable habits.

Meet the Usual Suspects: Common Resolution Calamities

#1 The Crash Diet Comedy: the Bollywood blockbusters of the fitness world

Mistake: Getting influenced by flashy names like Keto Khichdi, Detox Dhamaka, and Paleo Pulao, promising superhuman results overnight.

Why It’s Wrong: Such diets are often hard to sustain and may not provide the necessary nutrients for long-term health. 

Solution: So, instead of crash-landing onto a plate of samosas, take a slower, more sustainable approach. Opt for a balanced and varied diet that includes all food groups. Moderation is key!

#2 Gym Gladiator: Gym Gladiator Gone Wrong

Mistake: Joining the gym and suddenly starting with daily intense workouts without a proper training plan or doing weird movements you saw on IG or YouTube.

Why It’s Wrong: Sure, they might get you a few laughs or concerned stares, but ultimately, too much of anything can soon lead to boredom. Additionally, overtraining without proper nutrition guidance can lead to burnout, injuries, and recurrent illness, setting you up for disappointment.

Solution: Start with a manageable workout routine twice or thrice weekly and gradually increase frequency and intensity. Consistency is more important than intensity. Listen, slow and steady wins the race (and doesn’t leave you needing medical-grade pain relief).

#3 Step-tacular Extravaganza

Mistake: Setting an unrealistic goal of walking over 10,000 steps daily.

Why It’s Wrong: This might be too soon for some, leading to demotivation.

Solution: Gradually increase daily steps and focus on overall movement, not just step count.

#4 Six-Pack Sham

Mistake: Signing up for absurd challenges like getting 6-pack abs in 8 weeks, and losing 10kg in 100 days without understanding the science behind fat loss. So forget those “insta-abs” challenges; they disappear faster than gujiya at Diwali. 

Why it’s Wrong: Achieving visible abs requires a combination of factors, and it’s not a realistic short-term goal for everyone.

Solution: Aim for overall fitness and health. Abs can be a byproduct of a balanced lifestyle.

#5 The Overcommitment Pitfall

Mistake: Diving headfirst into an exhaustive mix of physical activities – gym, Zumba, marathons, swimming – and adopting extreme dietary changes like intermittent fasting or eliminating food groups.

Why It’s Wrong: Overcommitting leads to burnout, both physically and mentally, and abrupt dietary shifts may lack essential nutrients, risking overall health.


  1. Opt for a focused selection of activities that genuinely interest you.
  2. Gradually introduce dietary changes, seeking guidance for a balanced approach.
  3. Prioritize sustainable progress over fleeting bursts of enthusiasm to prevent exhaustion and disappointment.


Fitness fads and miracle cures prey on our insecurities. Build your health with sensibility, not quick fixes. Choose habits you love, not trends that look fancy. Listen to your body, not the hype.

This is your journey, not a marketing stunt, so make it a slow dance, not a crash course. Refrain from beating yourself up over a missed workout or a slice of cake. Celebrate the small victories, learn from the setbacks, and most importantly, have fun!

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